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Queensland Collections Sector Needs Survey

A snapshot of Queensland's Collections Sector (regional and community museums, galleries, keeping places and the role of libraries and archives) prepared by M&GSQ for Arts Queensland, Arts Industry Sector Development Planning process, July 2006


M&GSQ was commissioned by Arts Queensland (AQ) to undertake a Queensland Collections Sector Needs Study. The purpose of the Study was to review and assess the current position of Queensland’s collections sector (regional and community museums, galleries, keeping places and including some reference to the role of libraries and archives), to determine key issues and needs, making suggestions for the future direction and development of collections management in the State.

The Needs Study aimed to provide input into the development of the Creative Communities Sector Development Plan to inform AQ's Sectoral Development Planning process. M&GSQ submitted the Needs Study to AQ in July and, now that the Sectoral Development Planning process has been completed, AQ has allowed us to release the Report publicly.

It should be noted that the Needs Study forms the basis of the M&GSQ submission to the AQ Sector Planning process and that the work was supported by AQ. However the Recommendations reflect the aspirations of the sector - the members and constituents who were consulted in the process - and have not been endorsed by Government. We await any outcomes from the sectoral planning process and will convey those outcomes to you all as they are available.


M&GSQ thanks all our constituents for their time, effort and input into this Needs Study and we trust we have represented your views and aspirations for the sector accurately and strongly to government. Please let us know if you have any queries or comments on the Needs Study that we should take into consideration for future advocacy.

We would also like to pay tribute to the staff at Arts Queensland for their ongoing support of our work and for giving M&GSQ the opportunity to present this case for the Sector. It has been greatly appreciate

Queensland Collections Sector Needs Survey July 2006 (pdf, 438KB)
Appendices to the Needs Survey (pdf, 188KB)

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